Epsom and Ewell Art Group


Club history

The Club was formed in 1948 by John Holdaway for artists in the Ewell area, and initially it was called Ewell Art Group.  It was in 1958 to mark the anniversary of being granted the "Charter" to Epsom and Ewell corporation, that the council, in commemoration of the event, sponsored a special art exhibition and Epsom was added to the name of the group. 

The group has had many homes in its 65 years, starting in Ruxley Lane School, then moving to a semi-permanent studio in Pit House, Ewell that lasted for two years.  In 1960, the group moved to Fitznells Music College and was based there for ten years, but when Bourne Hall was built in 1970, it moved there and has remained to the present.

The Art group also uses Glyn Hall for some of its activities, particularly the workshops and special events.  The Group started its own paper in 1969 called the "Easel" (which is now an electronic publication on our website) and in 2010 the group created "Mini Easel" a smaller hard-copy version.  In 2009, we also began projecting Demonstrations and Appraisals onto a screen via our own camera and digital projector.

Our first website was launched in 2009 but in 2010 we moved onto a better site which allowed easier access for anybody interested in the group.  Since 2012, we have an even larger site which means each member of the art group can have their own page to display as many of their pictures as they wish and we have hyperlinks to any of the members who have their own individual websites.

In 2013, we opened our own Facebook page to allow anyone to have easy access to information about the group.  In 65 years, technology has gone a long way and even painting itself has changed with some of the members using iPads and computers to create pictures and since 2013, the group allows computer generated images to be displayed at our exhibitions.  No less creative - just different.

This may be history, but the group is very positively forward thinking and ready to meet new artistic challenges.

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Editors of the Easel

Richard Seymour



Vicky Rosenthal

Roland Vassallo


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Gina Grimwood

Barbara Reilly





 Sam Atfield
 Pat Foad
 Tricia Mills
 Barbara Stevens
 Fiona Bates
 John Fury
 Ingeborg Neale
 Susan Sugden
 John Brakell
 Shirley George
 Terrese Neaton
 Carmine Tallo
 Ann Miles
 Gina Grimwood
 Lesley Norton
 Pat Tilney
 Joan Butcher
 Janet Farnfield
 Rosie Nurse
 David Tribe
 Derrick Buttifant
 Carol Hallett
 Barbara Reilly
 Marion Tremlett
 Margaret Carter
 Tony Hands
 Hilmar Rosenthal
 Alan Reynolds
 Paul Chapman
 Gillian Hein
 Vicky Rosenthal
 Roland Vassallo
 Norman Shipley
 Nicola Hughes
 Peter Rossington
 Rita Strand
 Peter Christie
 Marylyn Powrie
 Marina Rousseau-Hatton
 Angeles Walford
Margret Eggleton
 Maureen Jones
 Doreen Seward
 Linda Wallis
 Paul Cookson
 Pamela Joss
 Richard Seymour
 Jan Wood
 Joyce Crouch
 Louise Schenck
 Lorna Simmonds
 Jamilla Fuller
 Anthony Devivo
 Dominika Klimczak
 Derek Smith
 Trevor Fuller
 Allen Dunkley
 Edna Kyriakides
 Elke Squibbs
 Marion Eastwood
 Beverly Lourenco
 Judy Staight
 Robert Ebert
 Martin Ogden
 Lisa Woodley


Members of Epsom and Ewell Art Group

         Epsom and Ewell Art Group
                 Constitution 2016

1.The group shall be known as the Epsom and Ewell ART Group

2.The objectives of the Group shall be to:                                                                                                             
                a) encourage the practice of painting and the graphic arts,
                     including collage, sculpture but excluding photography.
                b) hold exhibitions of members’ work which can be wall
                    mounted or displayed on a table.

3. The business of the Group shall be conducted by seven officers:
    Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Exhibition Secretary, Programme   
    Secretary, Membership Secretary, Publicity Secretary.

4. A President may be appointed if desired by a simple majority of members on a show of hands at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special Meeting called for the purpose.

5. At each Annual General Meeting of the Group, the Committee shall retire and any or all of the members of the committee may offer themselves for re-election. The appointment of the Committee for the new year shall be considered immediately prior to any other business.

6. In the event of the office of Chairman becoming vacant during the year the remaining members of the Committee may appoint one of their number to serve until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting at which a resolution to appoint a new Chairman shall be proposed. Should any other office become vacant during the year, the committee may appoint a member of the Group, whether that member is a Committee member or not, to hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting.

7. An annual general meeting shall be held once each calendar year and not more than fifteen months after the immediately preceding Annual General Meeting to:
consider and if thought fit, approve the annual reports and accounts for the year to the last day of February immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting;
to appoint members to fill vacancies in offices of the Committee;
to consider any other ordinary business of the Group;
Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given not less than 21 days prior to the meeting. Such notice shall be deemed to be given if:
              - an e-mail containing the notice is forwarded to every member who has provided the secretary with an e-mail address, not less than 21 days prior to the meeting; and 
              - a printed copy is made available to every member attending the Group’s meetings in the preceding 21 days, and
              - notice is displayed on the Group’s web site for 21 days prior to the date of the meeting.

8. Special and Ordinary Business.
A Special Resolution shall be required to change, add to or remove any of the rules of the Group. For approval, a resolution, proposed as a Special Resolution, shall be called not less than 30 days notice to members of the Group and shall require to be approved by not less than 75% of those attending and voting at the meeting at which the
special Resolution is proposed.
b) Notice of a Special Resolution shall be deemed to have been given if
            - an e-mail containing the notice is forwarded to every member who

              has provided the secretary with an e-mail address not less
              than 30 days prior to the date of the meeting.
            - a printed copy is made available to every member attending the
            Group’s meetings in the preceding 30 days, and
            - notice is displayed on the Group’s web site for 30 days prior to
            the date of the meeting.
Any other business shall be ordinary business and require a simply majority of those present and voting at the meeting of which not less than 21 days notice has been given.

9. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Chairman or the Secretary, upon receipt of a request by at least five members, stating the purpose of the meeting. No matter, other than that proposed in the agenda, shall be voted upon at any Special meeting.

10. The committee shall review the subscription annually and make such change as they deem appropriate, provided that any increase shall not exceed 10% of the current subscription. Any increase in excess of 10% of the current subscription may only be made if approved by an ordinary resolution of the members.

11. The subscription for the year commencing 1 March shall become due not later than 1st April of that year.

12. Any member whose subscription is not paid by 1st June of the current year shall cease to be a member of the Group. Such a member may be re-admitted upon payment of the full subscription for the year.

13. The financial year shall commence on 1st March and end on the last day of February in the following calendar year. The annual accounts shall be examined by an independent examiner appointed by the committee. Such an appointment shall be subject to the approval of the members at the next Annual General meeting.

14. Entries submitted to any Group Exhibition must be ORIGINAL work of the member and will be selected by an appointed panel whose decision is final. The work must be new to every exhibition, subject to the discretion of the exhibition secretary. Entry in any Group exhibition shall be subject to the member agreeing to act as steward at that exhibition for not less than two sessions. The Exhibition Secretary shall have discretion to relax this requirement should there be justifiable reasons.

15. Members shall be personally responsible for recording their own attendance in the register at each meeting of the Group to comply with safety regulations.

16. Honorary members may be appointed by ordinary resolution at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee. Honorary members shall be absolved from payment of annual subscriptions and no fee is required for the first item of work submitted to each Exhibition.

17. A commission of 5% shall be paid to the group for any paintings that are sold after the Exhibition has closed but as a direct consequence of being exhibited.

18 The Committee retains editorial rights over any material of any type published or displayed in any form under the name or facade of Epsom and Ewell Art Group.

19. If on the complaint of one or more members and after due enquiry the Committee are satisfied that the conduct of a member has been such as to bring the Group into disrepute or if a member’s conduct to one or more other members has been consistently overbearing or disrespectful or otherwise unacceptable they may exclude that individual from the membership. In such a case, that person may give the Committee notice that he/she wishes to appeal to a Special General Meeting of the members to consider the evidence and arguments of both the Committee and the appellant. Each member present in person, except the appellant and the members of the Committee, shall have one vote on a show of hands. The decision of that meeting as determined by the vote of eligible members shall be binding and final.

Epsom and Ewell ART Group
Dated  20th April 2016



 Richard Seymour



 Vicky Rosenthal


 Publicity secretary

 Peter Rossington


 Publicity Assistant

 Maureen Jones


 Co-website secretary

 Roland Vassallo


 Co-website secretary

 Vicky Rosenthal


 Programme secretary

 Nicola Hughes


 Co-exhibition secretary

 Bev Lourenco


 Co-exhibition secretary

 Ingeborg Neale



 Hilmar Rosenthal


 Membership secretary

 Roland Vassallo


 Recruitment co-ordinator 

 Angeles Walford