Epsom and Ewell Art Group


The Weather is starting to get damper,warmer,colder that damn El Ninio.

You really should consider a super Epsom and Ewell Art Group Sweat Shirt in 10 different colours

and 6 sizes for all weather conditions

Get an Epsom and Ewell Art Group Polo or Sweat Shirt and let everyone know you belong to a wonderful ARTgroup

There is a choice of 10 colours (black,navy,red,blue,yellow,grey,green,white,deep royal,dark navy) and 6 different sizes (S - 3XL)

There are also some car stickers available - free! to members.  Please promote our club and sport one on your sports car (or any other car you may have or find)

If you are interested please contact me on: epsomandewellartgroup@hotmail.com or phone on 01372 727482

                                                 Samples now available to view.

Richard Seymour


There is no excuse, even if you don't have a car, be inventive find one!

Let everyone know about this fantastic


"probably the best art group in the world"

 2018 for momentous art!


If you would like any advice about setting up a page on our website please contact either
Barbara Stevens (
barbara.stevens@hotmail.co.uk) or Richard. 

PS  The lack of a camera or a computer is not a stumbling block to having a presence on the website. Remember 87% of the adult population in the UK have web access and probably 110% of young people.

Advice is available from Barbara Stevens on how to improve the look of your web page.

If you would like suggestions on what to write on your page or even for The Easel please contact Vicky or Richard.

If you have any pictures you wish to add to your page please send them to Roland or Richard.

And lastly, if you have a problem connecting to the web etc. please contact Richard or Barbara. We may not have a clue but we may know a person who does!

(e-mail addresses on About us page)



Guidelines for creating a .jpg of your art work to be put on your web page

    1    Take a photo of your painting before you frame/glaze it.
    2    Use photo software to crop (if necessary) and resize your photo.  

  The final size should be in the range 100 KB to 150 KB.
    3    Save the file as a .jpg
    4    *Change the file name to your name followed by the title of your painting.  

           For example: JohnSmith_HarbourView.jpg, or MaryJones_Landscape1.jpg
    6    Attach the file to an email and send it to Richard Seymour or Roland Vassallo 

* To change the file name, select the .jpg, right click then select "Rename" from the drop-down menu, and then type your new file name.

There are numerous software packages available to enable you to crop/resize your pictures.  For example, you can download PhotoRazor  (Windows) for free: http://photorazor.en.uptodown.com/.


The e-mail address of Steve Andrews the framer from Leatherhead who gave us such an excellent talk on September 7th is :- mrsteveandrews@ntlworld.com


Paul Cookson has started his own framing business.  He is working from home and as a special offer to the Epsom & Ewell Art Group he will give an introductory offer of 20% off your first order, and then 10% off thereafter.  See the Easel Page on this website for more details.  For quick reference, call him on 01372 434444 or email info@framepsom.com


is run by Carol Hallett at Glyn Hall on Monday Afternoon

2pm till 6pm

at a subscription of £5 per week.

You are asked to pay 3 weeks in advance.

Each week is themed but not compulsory so you could do your own thing.

Carol I am sure is well known to you all from the art club

If you would like to join this band of artists please contact Carol

by phone:  0208 786 8686

by e-mail: carol.hallett@btinternet.com

and I believe there are tea and biscuits but don't quote me



A picture displaying opportunity

Have a look at it on your browser e.g. google. It is a coffee shop where they hang pictures for sale on the wall. Maggie Jukes who is the Art Exhibition Co-ordinator contacted me with the offer of space.

They are working on a 0% commission basis but will be renting out the space.

 1 week rental with sole use of the wall   £75

 1 month rental with sole use of the wall £250

 Contact Maggie Jukes 07534252349   magjukes@gmail.com

Wednesday, 21 February



Led by our programme secretary

Nicola Hughes

Bring along any B&W inspirational material you have from home